Why Choose Us.

We're Experienced
and Committed to Deliver International Qualities.

Our experienced certified engineers and design specialists can help throughout your project lifecycle.
Our company continuously provide technical and strong designer team to participate into any Turnkey project. Base on our predecessor project, we will share an ultimate technical solution resulting in minimum delivery lead time and enhance in cost saving.

Experienced Team

We are a leader in the industry of precision engineering and metal fabrication, providing genuine one stop solutions for local and overseas customers with quick and responsive feedbacks, quality assurance, cost effectiveness, timely delivery and excellent customer relationship policy to become the most preferred partner you will ever need.

Complete Solutions

In terms of software, we are fully equipped with the most updated CAD and CAM thus capable of providing the most complete and comprehensive solutions, nesting parts with amazing effects, streamline cutting process, punching, and bending, generate and simulate NC code graphically, calculate costs accurately and decreasing production time and material wastages.

Trustworthy Services

We are also very accomplish in supporting turnkey projects for Chemical Process Wet Line set-up for plating and PCB Machines, as well as Engineering Plastic products and services, and the fabrication of all related spare parts.

Sophisticated Technology

We are very particular with our talent recruitment policy, because we place great emphasis on the level of professional skills and experience as well as high expectation towards all our employees. We send employees to top trainings internally or externally to keep them abreast with the latest trend and technology. The company takes good care of its employees’ personal welfare too, to keep them motivated and committed to their tasks and responsibilities.

Efficient Support

Our company continuously assigns strong designing and technical team to be involved in turnkey projects. Our track record speaks for itself, serving as testimony that TCS has been sharing supreme technical solutions with our clients which guaranteed minimum delivery lead time and superior cost saving.

Attention to Detail

We cultivate good customer relationships, and encourage extensive communication in every collaboration. We would visit clients to understand their true needs intrinsically, even when they do not have a conceptual drawing to provide.


At TCS, we made sure that we employ, train and develop a team of the best personnel in the most optimum working environment, including mechanical engineers and designers which are supported by highly skilled technical and production personnel, including tool-makers, machine tool fitters and precision machinists, in order to serve our customers better.

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