Our Market

Manufacturing the future.

The past year has been a prime example of the flourishing manufacturing sectors. The growth in sectors within the industry have emerged stronger than ever, such as energy, aerospace, automotive, and especially medical care has been staggering. Manufacturers in these sectors continue to bloom and nothing seems to dissuade them. These players have begun upgrading their facilities and acquiring technologies to meet the stringent requirements of OEMs for parts and components, as well as precision engineering services.

This has been good news for TCS, as our proper preparation to challenge the market has made sure that we were able to ride the wave, and poised for bigger things ahead. We are capable of providing such solutions to meet ever-growing and sophisticated global demand because precision engineering from TCS enables metal parts to have higher tolerance and exceptionally high stability, this ensuring a longer lifespan. Our level of expertise and technology in engineering too has widen many options and made impossible tasks possible.

Experienced working with
local & MNC companies in
the semicon industry, automotive, medical, food, heavy equipment,
and even audio visual.

Over the years we have been the cornerstone behind the successes of many manufacturers. We are very experienced working with local SME (small medium enterprises) corporations in the semicon industry, automotive, medical, food, heavy equipment, and even audio visual, who established factories overseas which we were responsible for setting up their production lines, machine setup and piping installation on medical processing line and plating machine, horizontal plating, electroless copper plating, desmear equipment, fabrication of plating line spare parts, regeneration cells components, nozzle, roller, bearing block and etc. Our customers include Genting Sanyen (Paper Converting Industry), IMPSA (cranes, turbines & hydro mechanical), Smartrac (RFID), Kerry Ingredients (Food Industry), Accellent, Lake Region, Uekatsu, Ibiden and Entegris.

Another big segment of our clientele are large, multinational companies from Germany, Japan and the USA. To name a few oversea turnkey projects, Tokyo Tokushu Shigyo Co. Ltd. (a Japanese manufacturer of printed circuit board base paper, veneer paper, glass fibre paper, cushion materials, various types of electrical insulating paper, various films, press plates, electronic related sub-materials), and Kinyosha Co. Ltd. (Manufacture of rubber roller and sticky roller for semiconductor sector and plating industry), Atotech and Schmid Group from Germany, Facility Corp Ltd and Maquina Corp Ltd from Japan.

Market Segmentation 2018/19

In the coming years, TCS are apportioning our attention into enhancing our services in the field of medical parts manufacturing, by at least 25% increment, mainly on machining parts and equipment for off-line and on-line production.

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