Our Experience

Beyond Passion & Commitment

From day one where we were actively knocking on doors and promoting ourselves, until today where orders come in scores largely through word-of-mouth recommendation, TCS has indeed experienced unbelievable growth over the past decades.

The company has served with passion and commitment in each project for every single client, coordinating and integrating flows both within and among company structures, streamlining business's supply-side activities and maximizing value to ensure they gained certain competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Professional & Accumulated Skills

The track record that we have accumulated are the best testimonials in convincing customers that we are the ideal partner for them. The skills and knowledge that we have accumulated have equipped us with a new aptitude which in turn led us to a new horizon. Today, TCS is more than capable to produce everything and anything the brain could imagine. We start by understanding a particular customer need comprehensively, followed by providing sound advices as we go along the planning stages. TCS then provides the most practical design ideas in a meticulous manner, samples fabrication, trials and test runs before proceed with mass production.

Mutual & Sustainable Engineering Solutions

At TCS, we cater for any and every industry that needs solutions for precision engineering and metal fabrication. Some of our core businesses are from the industries of telecommunication, medical, automobile, consumer electronics and PCB/PWB customers. For each, we are well experienced in material selection (material characteristics for various chemical processing wet line and components), and even for 3rd party lab test for MSDS.

Our designing team and software integration team are amongst the best in the business, working together with our marketing team as a close-knitted unit to brainstorm for new ideas with conceptual sketches & technical specifications to come out with an ultimate technical solution that assists customers with any unfamiliar or new projects or equipment, or to participate in any Turnkey project.

Our expertise transcends the conventional by also offering supply chain and inventory management where production schedule is carefully planned and minimum inventory level is maintained as specified by our customers based on their forecast demand for our fabricated metal parts and components to ensure stock availability at all times. We are also experienced in heavy industry such as port and turbine power plant (re-reeving structure (Northport), and the supply and installation of roller, pump impeller, suction impeller, structural works, and endish cover.

This has enabled us to meet all prerequisites with various kinds of tailor-made equipment or systems. On top of that, our vast network and strong ties with local and overseas materials and components suppliers have enabled us to provide fast response and cost saving solutions in the most challenging situation and still produce magnificent results, an advantage which is well known in the entire market.

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