Customer Relationship Policy

In TCS, we put customer relationship at the top of our priority list. The philosophy that engaging in a business has the sole purpose of making money will condemn a party to imminent failure. We have a strong foundation of customer goodwill, thus observe and practice a sound customer relations policy. This policy can be regarded as a formal promise to our customers representing our commitment to their satisfaction.
  • Success is not, in our view, measured by our asset worth, it is instead measured by our personal worth and attributes.

  • Our priority will always be our customers. Although our customers may not always be right, but they always come first in our considerations. Our policy is to provide a quality service that is superior to that provided in our industry and focusing on providing effective service that is responsive to the needs of our customers and ensures robust relationships with them.

  • We seek to provide a service that is based on trust and mutual respect. We like to do business with people what we have a good and amicable relationship with. Without a relationship carefully constructed between our customers and ourselves, trust and mutual respect cannot and do not exist.

  • We commit to ensuring that all of our people fully understand our customer relations policy and protocols and implement all requirements of these.

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