PCB Plating Processing Line Equipments.

PCB Plating Machine Equipments

1. Chemical Cleaning Tank & Ultrasonic Machine
One Stop Solution for Cleaning parts with various type of chemical application & final DI solution cleaning with Ultrasonic Module. We able provide design and cleaning process with flow system and manufacture accordingly.
2. Chemical Tank System - Auto Storage & Discharge

Solution for Chemical Handling Applications
Customized for various kind of System with PLC or PC base control system. Acid or Alkaline Base Fluid. Tank selection made of PVC,PP, PVDF, PE or Resin. Optional with attachment of Electromagnetic Metering Pumps units with integration of PH measurement system to apply precise amount of chemical dosing to leverage require PH value.

3. Copper Recovery Tank with Particle Filter Station

Ideal Solution for reduce & re-use copper solution chemical. Cost Saving enhancement, by filtering the existing chemical solution for re-use purpose. Also, Copper Solution crystallized always an issue on PP piping resulting piping flow blockage . By applying this filter station in series with copper plating line machine, will eliminate the issue and as the result saving the maintenance cost and machine down time.

4. Precision Liquid Dispenser System for Chemical

Optimum Solution for Ultrafine control for minimal drops of chemical solution. By apply mechanical turn knob to control precisely on each drop amount of fluids for dosing or continuously supply. Suitable for maintain PWB board in humidity condition throughout plating process to prevent copper oxidization.

5. Regeneration Cell Module

Made of combination of high grade material range from SUS 316L, PTFE & Copper Grade C1100 / JIS H 3140. The regeneration unit includes a tubular portion having the inner circumferential surface functioning as an anode, and a cathode provided inside the tubular portion and extending along the extension direction of the tubular portion in a state of separation from the inner circumferential surface. The treatment liquid used for desmearing treatment is fed through a gap between the inner circumferential surface of the tubular portion and the cathode. A feed-side conduit is connected by a downstream end portion thereof to the tubular portion and guides the treatment liquid discharged from a desmearing treatment tank into a regeneration unit. A return-side conduit is connected by an upstream end portion thereof to the tubular portion and guides the treatment liquid discharged from the regeneration unit into the desmearing treatment tank.

6. Roller Cleaning Tank

Suitable for Cleaning Long Type Inked Roller for plating machine. Utilized Sodium carbonate, Na₂CO₃ Solution to easily removes the inked coating.

7. ScrubberTank

State of the Art Design (inline production) for the ventilation, purification, and cleaning of air and chemical fumes. They neutralize atmosphere acid gas and exhaust in industrial applications. Scrubbers are specifically used along with chemical storage and processing equipment.

8. Dipping Tank System

PLC Touch Screen System for various kind of Dipping for Mesh Cleaning Process. With mixture of DI Water + Sodium carbonate, Na₂CO₃.

9. 3D Matrix Code CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

Engrave 3D Matrix Code by using state of the art Laser Engraving technology to PWB or PCB board. Selection of the X/Y table range from manual type or electric type.

10. Panel - Basket Loading & Unloading Station | Panel - Basket Loading & Unloading Station

We have capability on R&D Team for design and produced different type Basket for Gantry type Plating Machine. In line equipment for support loading & unloading PWB board for the Gantry type plating machine.

11. Hot Press Plate for Prepeg

Carrier Plate that able withstand high temperature working up to 260 Degree Celsius condition and maintain perfect flatness durability for long terms production life span usage. Made of Coll Rolled High Grade Hardening Stainless Steel material. The Guide on each end eges able withstand greater lateral force during transportation of the carrier plate with massive stackable panel.

12. Copper Stripping Bath System

The features is allow chemical composition of H2SO4 + NaPS solution, as the result from the chemical mixture able to strip off Titanium Stripper Plate excessive copper plated contamination . The Bath Tank come with segregation of DI water for final Cleansing.

PCB Plating Machine Components

Various kind Mechanical Parts for Plating Machine, Etching Machine, Desmear Machine & Other kinds of Chemical Processing Machine
High precision components made from various kind of Engineering plastic material. Range from PVC,PP, PTFE, PEEK, PVDF, UHMW PE, MC Nylon, Carbon Fibre with coating , Titanium Grade T1 or T2, SUS 304/316/316L/SUS 630 and etc.


Machine Setup and Piping Installation on PCB/PWB Plating Machine (Turnkey Project)

Horizontal plating, electroless copper plating & desmear type machine. Piping connection type range from Stainless Steel 304/316L, PVC,PP, PPN and even PVDF. Fabricate plating line spare parts. In cooperated with oversea machine maker for local machine setup.


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  • Facility Corp Ltd/Schmid - Japan-Germany
  • Maquina Corp Ltd - Japan
  • AMPOC/ Tamba Trading Corp Ltd - Japan
  • Tokyo Tokushu Shigyo - Japan

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