Our Milestones

Beyond Quality to Value.

Established since 2006, we have been the cornerstone to the successes of our clients, both local and overseas. We have been plying our trade with passion and commitment for the past decade, delivering top drawer products and services in the highest quality and timely manner.
  • 2006

    Founded by Mr CS Tung, mainly provide design for simple equipment, e.g. high temperature water type for medical powder drying process, Jigs & Fixtures, Loading/Unloading Equipment, Factory in line & off line cabinet.
  • 2007

    Expand business entity on design, trading & installation of various type of Warehouse Racking System (penetrated Thailand market). Awarded projects by MNCs to set up new factories.
  • 2008

    Collaborated with Engineering Association for PENFEIA & other business matchings
  • 2009

    Focused first tier customer base business, eg: semicon for the one-stop set up of production line. Served clients such as medical equipment manufacturers & power plant water turbine parts fabrication.
  • 2010

    Set up the company’s first office in Juru Industrial Area, invested in several pre-owned conventional milling and lathe machine & equipment.
  • 2011

    Rise in business, recruited a complete team of designers, engineers, QA/QC, and marketing personnel. Upgraded to new CNC Milling Machines. Enter the smartphone market in PCB industries and medical on-line (production line) equipment setup. Total machines investment to date: RM3 million.
  • 2012

    Replaced conventional to modern. High-tech machines. Acquired new CNC Milling Machines (1.3 meter), CNC Lathe Machines, Turn & Mill Machines. Engaged by overseas clients to undertake turnkey projects in the domestic market.
  • 2013

    Certified under ISO 9001:2008.
  • 2014

    To accommodate our growing business and expansions, TCS purchased a new 10,000sf factory in Bukit Minyak, Penang. Building undergone renovation in 2015 for relocation of production line. Increased of employees to 20.
  • 2015

    Increased of employees to 30, and subcontractors. Upgraded to 9001:2015, a certification that TCS had met the quality management system for design & development, manufacturing, tools and material handling equipment.

    Mandated to undertake turnkey projects for multinational companies from Germany, Japan, and the USA.

  • 2017

    New factory fully operational. Increased of employees to 50.
  • 2019

    Improved on branding and marketing endeavors in preparation to penetrate and venture further into the overseas market.

Going into the Future.

TCS is cautiously optimistic. Our rapid and very consistent growth since our incorporation some 14 years ago, in some way promises unremitting progression in long term. However, we still and always take short-term growth with a grain of salt. We are more than aware that in addition to more than a decade of innovative force, continuity is another key factor for our success. That has become the reason behind our belief that technical challenges and international markets are seen as keys to our big break.

We aspire to improve further on our already impressive capabilities, providing better design, supply and fabrication services for meticulous and complex component parts for our customers’ custom-made projects from head to tail, which is environmentally friendly, allow better cost saving, capable to help them improve production speed and overall efficiency.

For the near future, looking seriously into the contract manufacturing sector, assisting our worldwide customers to strategize and fabricate high volume products with immaculate quality control, starting with something as simple as just a technical drawing from them. We aspire to be a holistic solutions provider which are capable to eliminate customers’ inconveniences and qualms. We are also apportioning our attention into enhancing our services in the field of medical parts manufacturing, by at least 25% increment, mainly on machining parts and equipment for off-line and on-line production.

By enhancing our core products and services, continuing to explore and develop new solutions, expanding value-added services, and refine our internal processes, actively looking to add to our pool of skilled talents, we shall be able to further gain the confidence of, and expand our worldwide clientele. All these important factors have formed the basis of our future corporate strategy.

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