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TCS Engineering
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TCS Engineering & Automation Sdn. Bhd. is a leading one-stop centre for precision engineering and metal fabrication based in Penang, Malaysia. Established since 2006, we have been the cornerstone to the successes of our clients, both local and overseas. We have been plying our trade with passion and commitment for the past decade, delivering top drawer products and services in the highest quality and timely manner.

As we grow, we have accumulated in depth knowledge and proficiency towards the industry, sharpening and building on our professional expertise to deliver even more innovative solutions. Our unwavering devotion has elevated our reputation to being the problem solver for all unique and challenging needs.

Mutual & Sustainable Engineering Solutions

Leading in Advancement and Facilitate Medical & PCB/PWB Processing Line.

Customers have been knocking on our doors seeking our custom solutions on fully integrated precision engineering with cross segment capabilities, and the manufacturing of components parts with different materials and technical requirements.

Specialized Solution

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Unmatched Quality

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Our Products & Services

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Metal Frames and Structure Fabrication
  • CNC Machining Components
  • CNC Turning/ Lathe Components
  • PCB/ PWB Plating Processing Line
  • Medical Parts Processing Line
  • Warehouse Racking Systems
    - Selective Racking
    - Drive-in Racking
    - Cantilever Racking
    - Mezzanine Floor
    - Live Storage System
    - Boltless Shelving

Our Checking Equipment

Coordinate Measuring Machine

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