Medical Parts Processing Line Equipments.

Tube Draw For Advance Surgical Segment

Equipment Type

1. Experienced in Setup & Turnkey Project for Tubing Process

Upheld the highest professionalism and customer relationship with the most dedicated sales, design and R&D team to fulfill every setup requirement, mainly on mechanical, electrical and equipment tasks. TCS is able to performed an impeccable job during the setup of new plants or facilities for medical processing production line with impressive pace to ensure on time delivery, quality and accuracy. All equipment, components and parts were manufactured according to ASTM Compliances.

  1. Degreasing
  2. Annealing
  3. Tagging
  4. Tube Draw
  5. Straightening
  6. ECM cutting
  7. Ultrasonic Cleaning
  8. Hole Punching
2. Machine Setup (Turnkey Project)
  1. Hydraulic Tube Draw Bench
  2. Horizontal Tube Annealing Furnace
  3. Degreaser for Tube
  4. Tube ECM Cut
3. Medical Tubing Processing Line Setup

Collaboration with counterpart team from US to design & fabricate Tubing Processing Line. OHSA & ASTM Compliance requirement

4. Localized in process components or machine parts
  1. Vee Roll , Feeder Roller & Die set For Draw Bench
  2. Acid Pickling Tank System
  3. Window Punches
  4. Straightener Containment
  5. Swagger Roller & Die Set
  6. Tagger Enclosure


Machine setup and piping installation
One-stop backup for on-site machine installation with alignment setting. Dedicated & experienced team for on-site Stainless Steel, PVC, PP or PPN piping route installation/ Electrical & PLC team & utility setup.

Wire For Cardiovascular

1. Experienced in Setup & Turnkey Project for Wire Process
  1. Straightening
  2. De-burr
  3. Welding
  4. Forming
  5. Ultrasonic Cleaning
  6. Oven Drying  
2. Dryer Oven for Grinding Wire

Custom made Dryer Oven for Cardiovascular Wire. Consistent Temperature inside the chamber resulting optimum drying process for small wire application

3. Localized in process components or machine parts & equipment
  • Welding Fixtures
  • Ultrasonic Basket for Wire
  • Straightener Roller (C630 Bronze) - Durability in terms of wear & tear for Wire Straightener process
  • Profile Grind Blades & Precision Holder
  • Straightener Pegs (Kevlar / Nylon Ertalon)
  • Tungsten Copper Alloy (Elkonite) Jaws for Plasma Welding
  • Straightener Fixture Gauge
  • J-Loop Counting Jigs
  • Centerless Reg Wheel & Work Wheel Gap
  • Centerless Blades
  • Hand forming jigs for wire. Easy plug & use Mandrel for various type of forming shape requirement.
  • Wire cutting & checking flatness

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